Vision Racers

These give your guests the ultimate driving experience with force feedback steering wheel, adjustable rally seat, foot pedals and integrated surround sound system.

You can race head to head or independently using an array of vehicles and on a range of famous tracks including the Top Gear Test track.

New – 50 inch Plasma Screens available for additional viewing. These draw the crowd in and allow everyone to view what the driver is doing whether for a competition, exhibition or evening entertainment.

We can supply an array of additional theming including tyre stacks, flags, podium and more.

  • Vision racer system
  • checkboard base
  • speakers
  • leader board
  • games
  • control system
Age/Height of Users: 5 and over – subject to reaching the pedals Number of Participants: 1 per vision racer Equipment Dimensions: 1.7m x 0.6m Ideal Space Requirements: 2m x 1m per vision racer