Penalty Shootout

At over 9m wide it is the largest inflatable penalty shootout goal available to hire. Players can be strikers or stand on the inflatable front and be a goalkeeper. Try to score through the holes and see who can accumulate the highest total whether competitively or just for fun. Perfect for large footballing events, team builds, fun days, and fundraisers. A Great crowd pleaser with massive visual impact.

  • Penalty shootout inflatable
  • footballs – sponge or plastic
  • safety mats
  • fan
  • supervision
  • power leads
  • If our power is required please advise.
Age/Height of Users: 3 and over Younger children must be supervised by adults Number of Participants: 1 goalkeeper, 1 striker at a time Equipment Dimensions: 3.1m x 9.2m x 4m Ideal Space Requirements: 4m x 13m x 4m