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Mirror Me

New Updates for 2017!
  • Filters – choose black and white, colour, sepia, extra sharp or change your image to a drawing!
  • Animations themed to your event e.g. Weddings, Valentines, Christmas, Halloween and more.
  • The Mirror now talks to you throughout the photo taking process.
  • Email feature – the final photo/GIF/Video can be emailed
  • Videos can be taken
  • More animations than before!
This is a Brand New concept of a magical selfie mirror recently launched within the UK, it is 5ft tall mirror which is also a photo booth! The Mirror Me is developed to take full length body shots of the individual or group, whilst your images are being taken animations appear between the images encouraging, complimenting and leading guests through the process which can be adapted for the event, company or celebration.
The mirror also has a signing feature allowing you to sign your name on one of the images which appears on the print outs and a sound bar – if everyone makes enough noise an image will be taken of you all and the register of sound is also printed on the image. Great for drawing crowds in and encouraging everyone to use the mirror!
Prints are instantly developed and layouts can be adapted for the event.
It is a fantastic new product that we are very excited about!
  • Mirror me booth
  • Printer
  • Camera
  • Flash
  • Ink and paper
  • Props
  • Computer
  • USB/Album
  • Supervisor
  • Power leads
Age/Height of Users: any age
Number of Participants: up to 15
Equipment Dimensions: 0.92m x 0.57m x 1.67m
Ideal Space Requirements: 2m x 3m x 2m + table