Up to 8 players can compete at any one time. Contestants jump or duck the rotating beam whilst remaining on their podium. The longer the game goes on, the harder the competition gets as the speed begins to increase. Meltdown has a hazardous toxic theme making it stand out from the crowd. Extremely eye catching, and brilliant fun to participate in and watch! This is truly fun for team builds, family fun days or a private party as the speed can be decided to suit the participant’s capabilities. Additionally it has a high throughput, meaning it is a great fundraiser too.
  • Meltdown inflatable
  • Foam boom arms
  • Mechanism
  • Meltdown middle
  • Podiums
  • Power leads
  • Safety
  • Mats
  • Fan
  • Supervision
If our power is required please advise.
Age/Height of Users: 7 years and over, minimum 1.2m, maximum 20 stone
Number of Participants: 8
Equipment Dimensions: 9.2m x 9.2m x 2m
Ideal Space Requirements: 10m x 10m x 3.5m