Laser Quest Exterior
Laser Quest
Laser Quest Exterior
Laser Quest

Laser Arena

Laser Arena is exhilarating, suspense filled, action packed entertainment. Up to 10 contestants enter the arena with a laser gun attempting to find the opposition. Make sure you are as quiet as possible or the opposition may strike! The Laser Arena concept is extremely popular, and is now in the form of a mobile inflatable, ready to appear at your next event Our top of the range Tippmann laser guns can be hired separately from the arena offering a variety of options including: capture the flag, last man standing …. It is great to take part in or just watch. Venue options are unlimited as this can be done indoors or outdoors, the choice is up to you.
    • Laser arena inflatable
    • Alien (optional)
    • Laser guns
    • Table
    • Pop up marquee
    • Laptop
    • Supervision
    • Fans
    • Power leads
If our power is required please advise.
Age/Height of Users: 5 years and over
Number of Participants: maximum 10 at a time
Equipment Dimensions: 11.6m x 10.4m x 2.4m – without the alien
Ideal Space Requirements: 13m x 13m x 3m