Human Roulette
Human Roulette

Human Roulette

A 4ft spinning disc over a unique inflatable roulette wheel. Sit on the disc and see who can stay on the longest as it speeds up – Pick your numbers where you will land for Bonus Points. A novel addition to a fun Casino Night, Theme Night or a change from the Rodeo Bull. Also with various speed settings, it is adaptable to other applications to showcase products on a rotating turntable.
  • Inflatable
  • Fan
  • Motor
  • Roulette disc
  • Control unit
  • Power leads
  • Safety mats
  • CCTV
  • Operator
If our power is included please advise.
Age/Height of Users: 1.2m tall or minimum 10 years old
Number of Participants: 1
Equipment Dimensions: 4.9m x 4.9m
Ideal Space Requirements: 7m x 7m