Dash n Grab
Dash and Grab
Dash n Grab
Dash and Grab

Dash n Grab

A unique concept inflatable where up to 4 players can enter the arena, they are fastened to bungee belts and compete to see who can get the most balls back to their corner. Our best description a human version of hungry hippos! Each participant has their own ropes and belt and area to compete within, with a complete inflatable bed and netted surround it is fully enclosed and safe for participants and the crowd. See who can get the most! Great for fun days, team building, student events.
    • Dash n Grab inflatables
    • Helmets
    • Neck braces
    • Plastic balls
    • Fan
    • Safety mats
    • Supervised
    • Power leads
If our power is required please advise.
Age/Height of Users: 5 years upwards
Number of Participants: 4
Equipment Dimensions: 8.6m x 8.3m x 2.5m
Ideal Space Requirements: 9m x 9m x 3m