Chocolate Fountain:

A firm favorite with the crowds.  At 6ft tall with a fully illuminated base this is a large scale chocolate fountain.  A choice of milk, white, dark or a themed fountain.  Halloween Sweets or Green coloured chocolate, a variety of options are available.  It comes supplied with various dipping items including sweets and fruit; all served on skewers and trays.

Equipment Dimensions:  2m x 2m

Ideal Dimensions:  3m x 2m

Unclimbable Ladder:

Try to climb the steep rope ladder faster than your opponent to ring the bell.  However, these ladders move, twist and wobble as you attempt to reach the top!  Surrounded by inflatable walls and an inflatable bed for a soft landing, this is safe, fun and competitive for all.  Great for fundraising, team building and fun days.

Equipment Dimensions:

Ideal Space Requirments:

Dizzy X

Up to 4 players enter the Dizzy Zone, step aboard your coloured zone and take a spin.  Once you stop try to find your way out through your section of the coloured maze to win!  Hilarious to watch and take part in, fantastic for teambuilding and fun days.

Equipment Dimensions: 9.2m x 9.2m x 3.5m

Ideal Pace Requirements:  10m x 10m x 3.5m

Extreme Arena

A brand new concept for the UK, be one of the first to try!  Head inside the inflatable arena to see how many targets you can tap-out within your time limit, don’t forget to check every surface for targets!  Compete as an individual or as a team.  This is suitable for inside or outside.

Equipment Dimensions: 4m x 4.3m x 2.95m

Ideal Space Required:  5m x 5m x 3.2m