Inflatable Volleyball

Large 2-section inflatable volleyball court, also ideal for Dodgeball and football tennis, great at fundays and sporting events.

Dimensions: 15.3m x 7.3m 3.5m

Price Includes: Electric blowers, cables and anchor pegs

Cost: £1,500.00 + vat

Bungee Run

Classic 2-Lane Bungee Run, competitive inflatable great at all sorts of events.

Dimensions:  12.2m x 3.7m x 2.8m

Price Includes:  Electric Blower, cable and anchor pegs.

Cost:  £950.00 + vat

Laser Quest Exterior

Laser Arena Inflatable

Large laser  arena with a giant alien centre piece; another great team building and fun day inflatable.  Comes in 2 parts (the arena and alien) each powered by a 1.5hp blower.

Dimensions: 12.2m x 10.7m x 2.4m (without Alien).

Price Includes: 2 x Electric blowers, cables and anchor pegs.

Cost: £1,250.00 (without blowers) + vat, £1,500.00 (with) + vat

Human Roulette

Human Roulette

AN inflatable bed with mechanical centre piece.  You are the ball!, sit on the central disc then spin till you fall into a numbered area!  Human Roulette, great at parties, fun-days and themed events.

Dimensions:  4.9m x 4.9m x 2.4m

Price includes: An electric blower, cables and anchor pegs.

Cost: £1,500.00 + vat

Rock n Roller

Rock n Roller

A version of gladiator jousting with two competitors battling it out using large battons on an inflatable platform that wobbles! great to play and to watch!

Dimensions:  8.6m x 8.6m x 1.5m

Price includes:  Electric blowers, cables and anchor pegs.

Cost:  £1,250.00 + vat

Kangaroo Boxing

Kangaroo Boxing

Dressed in Kangaroo suits with hats and large boxing gloves! battle it out to see which kanga is the winner!

Dimensions: 6.1m x 6.1m

Price Includes:  2 Kangaroo suits, 3 large mats and large boxing gloves.

Cost:  £495.00 + vat

Airbourne Adventure

Airbourne Adventure

Large 2 piece inflatable with a central rocket that evlevates its participants above the crowds allowing an aerial view of the area.  Comes with an inflatable perimeter barrier and entrance portal.

Dimensions: 7.6m x 7.6m 9.2m

Price Includes: Electric blowers, cables, internal safety mat and anchor pegs.

Cost: £750.00 + vat

Inflatable Shelter

Inflatable Shelter for sale complete with blower and cable.  Inflates in seconds, useful for a wide range of events and activities.  Shown here housing our Rodeo Bull at a village fete

Dimensions:  5m X 5m  (18ft x 18ft)

Price Includes:  The shelter, electric blower, plug and anchor pegs.

Cost: £250.00 + vat  (£175.00 + vat without blower)

Small Castle

Small Bouncy Castle

A small bouncy castle, allowing easy access and supervision.

Dimensions: 3.7m x 3.7m 2.2m

Price Includes:  Electric blower, cables and anchor pegs

Cost: £400.00 + vat